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Tony Fulgham

Tony Fulgham is a modern day renaissance man and co-founder of World Famous, a creativity company that transcends the traditional role of the editorial studio and delivers pure awesomeness, from concept to final delivery, on demand.   Directing, editing, animation, live action shoots, design, concept-ing, and music composition all just scratch the surface of the work at World Famous. Tony is also a performing musician, self made carpenter, part time surfer and full time father and husband.  He is able to wear all of these hats and still have time to be Creative Director of World Famous. With all these assets in mind, his best and most talked about quality is his fabulous head of hair, which he wears with amazing aplomb.

World Famous has been a force full of imagination and innovation in the Seattle film scene for the past six years.  Tony Fulgham, one of a team of creative masterminds behind its formation, will speak about how they built World Famous, and where it has gone since its inception.  Tony will impart his soulful wisdom as he discusses the company and their newly discovered secret recipe for happiness (PS – It’s good for business).  Come and get special access to World Famous.

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