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Matt Vancil

Matt Vancil is a filmmaker from Tacoma and a co-founder of Dead Gentlemen Productions and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. His debut as a writer/director resulted in the fantasy-comedy cult hit The Gamers, which went on to play at fantasy and gaming conventions worldwide and lead to a feature sequel, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. His web series JourneyQuest premiered in 2010, migrated from YouTube to Hulu in a month, and crowdsourced its way to a feature-length second season, shooting in March 2012.  In addition to his film work, Matt is the Video Director and a Narrative Designer on March 32nd, an episodic online video game with a branching narrative, produced by Seattle studio Chromed, that aims to bridge the gap between video games and television.  Matt is a graduate of the American Film Institute.

Matt Vancil knows how to thrive in a multi-platform world. His Kickstarter campaign for the popular web series JourneyQuest broke six figures, he’s a co-founder of two production companies, and is at the helm of a groundbreaking video game project at Chromed.  He also knows the importance of overlap between his various projects, and taking advantage of cross-over whenever possible. Matt will bring his pioneering sensibility and discuss the value of creating modular and multi-platform content. Learn from his diverse portfolio of successful work that is indicative of his modus operandi: to succeed today, creative content developers must remain malleable, and so must their work.

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