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Line Sandsmark & Sarah Butler

Line Sandsmark, Board President of the Northwest Film Forum, recently returned to the Northwest after twenty years of arts management and producing experience in Scandinavia and Europe. After turning to film in the late 1990s, Sandsmark produced award-winning short films through her own production company, Kaliber Filmproduksjon, while working as a regional grant-makerfor the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and head of the Copenhagen-based European Documentary Network. Since her return, Sandsmark has continued her commitment to the non-profit arts sector, working for organizations such as Washington Filmworks, ArtsWest Playhouse & Gallery, and the Nordic Heritage Museum as well as completing her MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University.

Her co-presenter, Sarah Butler holds a deep passion for the art of fashion and is fervently involved in the local fashion community of Seattle. Graduating with a BA in Visual Arts and Humanities and recently completing her MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University, she fostered her deep interest in fashion by founding the Fashion Club of Seattle University. By graduation she had produced three annual fashion shows to showcase local designers and bring awareness to the non-profit Dress of Success. Following graduation, she has been working for Kemper Development Company where she coordinates Bellevue Fashion Week and stylishly writes Belle’s Vue fashion blog. Together they present the unique collaboration between the film and fashion worlds of the Northwest.

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