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Audrey Querns

Music and other arts education provides purpose, connection to concepts, collaborative ability and engagement that equate to deep learning.  Long term studies show that students from low socio-economic status who have consistent arts rich learning are over twice as likely to earn a college degree compared to those that do not.

And yet, in Seattle, we do not have a comprehensive plan to ensure that all students derive the life-long benefits of learning through the arts. Our challenge Seattle is two-fold: 1) access to arts edu
cation varies from school to school and 2) there is no continuity as students move up through the grade levels.

The Seattle K-12 Arts Learning Collaborativis a citywide effort to create and implement an Arts Plan that ensures that all students in all Seattle Public Schools (SPS) have opportunities to learn through the arts, to succeed in school and in life. The community—schools, the District, families, the City, the funding community and arts leaders – has come together in a powerful way.

SPS Visual and Performing Arts Manager, Carri Campbell and Planning Project Manager, Audrey Querns will speak about the current gaps in music education – who is getting access and who is not, and the approach the Seattle K-12 Arts Learning Collaborative is proposing to ensure that ALL of Seattle’s students can participate fully in Seattle’s music-rich culture.  Now is the time to join the conversation to put arts learning back on track.

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