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May Happy Hour: Scott Macklin, UW Communication Leadership

Immersive Storytelling: Snow Fall – How and Why?


Join us on Wed. May 27 at the Spitfire for an in-depth exploration of new online storytelling techniques.

Emerging models of interactive and immersive storytelling – creating a compelling online experience that places the user central to the story – are shifting the ways we reach and engage with an audience. Scott Macklin, Associate Director of the Communication Leadership graduate program at the UW, will explore production aspects and development tools necessary to create immersive web stories. In 2012, the New York Times published “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek”  incorporating the various elements of the story – text, photos, graphics, and multimedia –seamlessly throughout the narrative. Scott will take a critical look at these emerging models while working through the technical aspects of story creation and the implementation of web development tools and platforms.

Scott Macklin is the Associate Director of the Communication Leadership graduate program at the UW. Scott seeks to create a rich infrastructure that supports innovation and collaboration through participatory media and community engagement. He’s served as the curator of TEDxSeattle, Chair of the Seattle Next 50 “Story Runs Through It – Neighborhood Film Project” initiative, and What’s Good 206. Scott is an award winning author, filmmaker, and the Executive Producer of the Four Peaks TV program – a monthly series that features interviews with leading media and technology visionaries.

Scott uses social media as a powerful tool for learning and building meaningful relationships that create opportunities to engage in acts of social justice. His teaching and scholarship focuses on emerging models of interactive and immersive storytelling and how they are disrupting the ways we can reach and engage our students. His work explores ideas of convening community through stories by looking at the process of being active participants in the practices of social communities through the creation and development of community-centric stories. View some of Scott’s projects.

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