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The Mixer – November 2017


Join us at this month’s Mixer for a conversation on how to hustle as an artist. Documentary filmmaker Elliat Graney-Saucke, musician Che Sehyun and multimedia artist Brent Watanabe will discuss how they balance creating work and making money, moderated by Artist Trust Program Director Brian McGuigan. This timely exchange will be followed by an audience Q&A and is presented in partnership with Artist Trust.

 About the Artists

BrentFor the last decade Brent Watanabe has been creating computer-controlled gallery installations populated by kinetic sculpture, drawing, projection, and sound. His experiments and works are driven by an obsession with systems that regulate themselves, creating and exploring the truly unknowable, fallible, and life-like. Visual art often captures snapshots of life, but without dynamic elements, struggles to capture the evolution of change. Watanabe looks at systems of change that display recursion, atrophy, and unexpected growth. With the flux of ideas and change in modern society, this work may show elements of evolution that are powerful, always present, and yet uncomfortable.


elliotElliat Graney-Saucke is a documentary filmmaker, cultural researcher, networker, curator and innovative organizer. Currently she is completing a web series titled “Boy on the Inside,” about boy identity in women’s prisons (10 years in the making), as well as beginning production on her second feature documentary titled “ART Heart: Children of Riot Grrrl,” about coming of age in riot grrrl / queer core culture in the NW, Co-Directed by Celeste Chan. With a BA in Cultural Studies from Goddard College and an MA in World Heritage Studies from the Brandenburg Technical University, Elliat’s research, creative work and professional productions are focused on cultural equity and intergenerational knowledge exchange. Through her company Elliat Creative, she is currently the Media Documentation Research Lead within the Knowledge Building Initiative (KBI), producing legacy centered documentary shorts for the National Performance Network. Having spent the majority of her life in the Pacific Northwest, Elliat also called Berlin, Germany home for 7 years, and much of her creative work has been deeply influenced by both of these cultural landscapes. Elliat currently teaches at NW Film Forum and Coyote Central, is President of Seattle Documentary Association and is a 2016 Artist Trust Fellowship Recipient of the Millay Artist Retreat.


cheChe Sehyun is a Korean artist that has flourished these past few years when he first started playing piano and composing songs for his grandma—his G’ma.  After college, he naturally sought creative opportunities he never had growing up—from break dancing and piano to mural painting and producing his original single and music video, SOBEBA (So Breathe Easy & Be Aware).  Che’s artistic process comes from facing the uncomfortable realities of our globalized world, understanding his gift and purpose, and honoring those who came before and those who will come after.  From his Korean culture, he follows the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism and Shamanism, which permeate his artistry and life ways. 


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