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Join Ventures, a Seattle-based nonprofit that works to empower & equip entrepreneurs at every stage of business, to dive deep into how to keep your creative enterprise financially healthy. We’ll be mythbusting some of those financial beliefs we all have, talk about creative capital & funding streams for creative enterprises, see how a five minute financial action plan can help you reach your financial goals for 2018, and hear how three financial statements for your business, no matter what stage you’re at, can set you up for success. You will leave with a robust set of tools & resources that will support you in your business & your life so you can make (& save) money from doing what you are passionate about. This month’s Mixer is free and all-ages and takes place 5PM-7PM on March 28 at The Vera Project. Come one, come all!

About Ventures: Ventures is a Seattle-based nonprofit that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with limited resources and unlimited potential. We provide access to business training, capital, coaching, and hands-on learning opportunities for entrepreneurs. We serve those in our community for whom traditional business development services are out of reach, with a focus on women, people of color, immigrants, and individuals with low income. Our ultimate goal is to support individuals to increase their income potential, achieve long-term financial stability, provide for their families, and enrich their communities through small business ownershipT

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